Dr Graeme Walker, Gynaecologist & Colposcopist located in the Gold Coast, Queensland, strives to ensure a gold standard of evidence-based care for all his patients and strongly believes patient care is a 24 hour concern.

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Gold Coast’s First Dedicated ‘Menstrual Misery’ Clinic

A one-stop general gynaecology clinic specialising in the investigation and treatment of abnormal/heavy/frequent menstrual bleeding supported by a dedicated multidisciplinary team.

More than one in three women experience heavy, painful and irregular bleeding that can devastate a woman’s physical, emotional and social quality of life. To avoid repeated visits to the doctor and lengthy waiting times for investigations, these women can be referred to the Gold Coast’s first dedicated ‘Menstrual Misery Clinic’, led by Dr Graeme Walker and his multidisciplinary team.

Dr Walker and Dr Anna Alderton set up the first dedicated innovative Menstrual Misery Clinic at the GCUH 5 years ago.

The aim of this clinic is to sensitively and effectively investigate, diagnose and treat these problems quickly in order to restore quality of life.

Patient appointments include:

  • Full spectrum of medical or surgical management of heavy and/or painful menstrual periods as appropriate, in line with patient choice.
  • On-site iron infusions
  • Patient-led videos regarding treatment options and processes
  • On-site radiology and pathology
  • Medical management including:
    • Mirena insertion under LA or GA as appropriate
    • Zoladex
  • Surgical management including:
    • Uterine fibroid embolisation (interventional radiology)
    • Endometrial ablation
    • Hysterectomy (laparoscopic either day case or overnight stay as per patient choice)

Thank You to Our Valued Clients!

Dr Graeme Walker, Gynaecologist & Colposcopist, Gold Coast. Founder of the Menstrual Misery Clinic.  

Dr Graeme Walker Operates

Dr Walker operates both privately and publicly at Gold Coast Private Hospital and Gold Coast University Hospitals.

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