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Gloria Steinem once remarked that if menstruation were a characteristic of the male biology, it would be regarded as an esteemed and commendable masculine occurrence.

Undoubtedly, it is an event worth acknowledging. An overwhelming 80% of cisgender women experience menstrual cramps, while 90% encounter some form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) throughout their lives. Despite the considerable prevalence of these experiences, the discussion surrounding periods in America, although considerably improved from the outdated public service announcements of a few decades ago, still remains saturated with euphemisms.

Thus, it is praiseworthy to recognize the audacity of Bodyform, the second most popular producer of sanitary towels in the U.K., for their remarkable #wombstories campaign. Just last month, they released a video employing actors, cartoons, and stop-motion animation, effectively capturing the agony and euphoria associated with possessing a uterus—all within a concise duration of slightly over three minutes.

The video portrays the apprehension and relief that accompany drops of menstrual blood. It delves into the pain of periods and the anguish of miscarriage. It embraces the joy of intimacy and childbirth. It sheds light on the relentless hot flashes experienced during menopause. Remarkably, it even finds room for moments of humor. (It is indeed true that nothing seems to hasten the onset of a period more than new underwear…)

An animation from Bodyform’s #Wombstories. (YouTube) 

Building upon Bodyform’s groundbreaking “Blood Normal” campaign in 2017, the #wombstories initiative boldly asserts, in emphatic uppercase letters, that “Periods are normal. Displaying them should be as well.”

A video from Blood Normal. (YouTube)