Hysteroscopy and D&C
  • Rest at home today and gradually increase your activity as tolerated. Do not drive a car or sign any legal documents today. Have someone drive you home. You may bathe or shower as desired with plain soap and water.
  • You can use a pad or tampons for vaginal bleeding. You may have some light bleeding or spotting for 7-10 days. If vaginal bleeding becomes abnormally heavy (saturating one pad repeatedly every 15 minutes) please contact Dr. Walker.
  • Intercourse should be avoided for 48 hours following your procedure.
  • Pain management at home: take Panadol 1g every 6 hours as required.
  • Disturbed menstrual pattern is common. If you are taking oral contraceptive pill you should continue to take it as usual.

Download: Discharge Information – Hysteroscopy and D&C (PDF)

Contact Dr. Walker at any time if you experience

  • Bleeding heavier than a period.
  • Severe abdominal or back/flank pain, severe nausea or vomiting, or shaking chills.
  • Fever over 38°C.
  • Burning on urination or inability to urinate.
  • Foul-smelling discharge that persists for more than 3 days

About Dr Graeme Walker

Dr Walker strives to ensure a gold standard of evidence-based care for all his patients and strongly believes patient care is a 24 hour concern and is therefore contactable at all times in the event of an emergency or complications.

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